Vintage Angel Bunny Christmas Ornament

Size Guide


I have so much fun sifting through old Christmas card designs, and finding the perfect ones to bring back to life as new holiday ornaments.

Oh yes... these are so very nostalgic!!!

Do you remember your mom taping Christmas cards around the doorway during the holiday season when you were a child? I do too!
I have fond memories of looking at each card and, deciding which was the prettiest, the cutest...and yes... the tackiest. 
These ornaments will bring back memories of Christmas pasts.

  • Each ornament is labeled on the backside explaining the vintage appearance.
  • 3.75" x 3.75" diameter. A standard ornament is only 3"dia. You are going to really like how LARGE these look on your tree! 
  • Design appliques are permanently fired into the glaze and will not wear off.
  • Made of lightweight porcelain... another plus! It is such a Christmas bummer when a favorite ornament tumbles to the hardwood floor because the branch just couldn't hold it.
  • Includes a ribbon for hanging.