Grandchildren Ceramic Christmas Ornament

Size Guide

You will love the LARGE size of my ornaments. Design appliques are permanently fired into the glaze and will not wear off; with a 3.75" diameter measurement, my ornaments make a statement when hung on the tree (a typical ornament is only 3").

They are also made of lightweight porcelain ceramic... another plus! It is such a Christmas bummer when a favorite ornament tumbles to the hardwood floor because the branch just couldn't hold it.

Also, many of my ornaments are wonderful YEAR ROUND. Display them as a little "wall-ie" ornament!

They are perfect for narrow areas between windows or hanging near the computer in a home office. Adorn them with a bottle of wine when leaving a little surprise at a friend's home. And, because they are lightweight they are easy to package and drop in the mail when someone special needs a little pick-me-up.

3.75" diameter
Cotton ribbon included